Pentagon Forms Rapid Response Team for Ebola

CDC Media

CDC Media

Oct. 19, 2014 (WASHINGTON) The Pentagon, at the request of Health and Human Services, is forming a 30-person medical rapid response team. This team, according to the news release, “will consist of 20 critical care nurses, 5 doctors trained in infectious disease, and 5 trainers in infectious disease protocols.”

The team will first train at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, and be ready to deploy anywhere in the Continental United States in case of another patient is diagnosed. They will not deploy abroad.

While this might seem unprecedented, the United States military was deeply engaged in the response to the Spanish Flu epidemic that stated in 1917 and burned out by 1919. Part of the reason was the number of troops and army posts that were affected. But this is not unprecedented and back then the Surgeon General of the United States ordered the military to set a response plan.

We do not have a Surgeon General right now, since the appointment was blocked in the Senate by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) well before this started. So this is coming from HHSA.

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