County Board of Supervisors Approves “Thrive” Phase of “Live Well.”


Oct. 22, 2014 (San Diego) In 2010 the County Board of Supervisors adopted a ten-year program called “Live Well San Diego.” The program first included only one component: Activating individuals, families, organizations, and communities to live well. This meant better nutrition, policy changes that would lead to a better environment, improving cultural aspects. In other words, start with some guidance on healthy changes that would lead to better health, for example.

In 2012 the three main components of the ten-year strategy started to be deployed, among them getting people healthier and living within a concept of safety. The third component, thriving, will be launched this year. In fact, that is what the Board of Supervisors approved.

So what healthy changes have we already seen? If you live in the community, you should join Readysandiego, and download the app to your smartphone. They are available in both Android and IOS implementations. This is one critical component of the program. It is quite likely one of the most obvious ones, and it was at play during the May fires. It needs fine tuning, but the app allowed people to be informed just from their smart phones.

Another part of the program that is very obvious is the formation of the County Fire Authority, which also had a critical role during the May Fires. So did the libraries where County staff helped people on the way to recovery.

There are less obvious results. One of them is them is the reduction in obesity in the Chula Vista Schools. They took steps like not serve chocolate milk, or offer chocolate muffins for breakfast.

“In 2010, the district measured the BMI of more than 24,000 students, kindergarten through sixth grade, then made significant changes to its wellness policies and practices.” One resultta was that the number of students in healthy weight range increased by 3.2 percent.

This might not sound that important, but taking into account the national obesity trends in childhood this is a positive change and will translate in less diabetes and other diseases that may have an obesity component.

As far as law enforcement is concerned, areas covered by the San Diego Sheriff’s office have seen a drop in crime. More importantly, diverting youth from gang activity early on will help to save money as well as improving their lives.

Live Well San Diego has saved money and it has now been adopted by other cities.

Part of the Thrive component includes health support and implementing the Affordable Health Care Act, “including setting up call centers to assist residents with healthcare enrollment.”

It also includes expansion of the safe routes program that will help school age pupils to walk or bike to school, as well as the short-term goal of disaster preparedness.

You can find resources at the Live Well San Diego County website.

Here is the San Diego County produced video on the initiative.

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