Prop A Might Cost City of San Diego State Funding


Oct. 22, 2014 (San Diego) In 2012 San Diego voters approved Prop A, which changed the municipal code and now prevents the city from requiring a Project Labor Agreement. Opponents at the time said that this could lead to losses of State funds for the city.

Proponents, mostly in business and then Mayor Jerry Sanders, came back and claimed that this be fair and open for all labor involved in the construction trades. At the time the opponents pointed to Senate Bill 922, which was signed by Governor Jerry Brown the previous year, in an attempt to prevent exactly what Prop A did.

Fast-forward two years. The City was informed by the state that funding would be at risk. The City Council, and the office of Speaker Toni Atkins, are working on how to solve this. From what Council President Todd Gloria and City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said Monday, there will have to be language on the ballot in 2016 to modify the municipal code. They do not have the power to do this legislatively, since this is a citizen action, but this will have to be done. Otherwise the city is looking at loosing millions of dollars for infrastructure projects.

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