Doctor Craig Spencer Tests Positive for Ebola In New York City

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Oct. 23, 2014 (NEW YORK CITY) Doctor Craig Spencer, 33, is an emergency physician who returned on Oct. 14, 2014 from Guinea, where he was treating Ebola Patients with Doctors Without Borders. According to the New York Authorities, when the doctor spiked a fever this morning, he called his employer, who then called the New City Department of Health. The Department of Health activated the 911 system and a well practiced protocol.

The emergency services treated this as a possible Ebola case from the get go, and later in the day an initial test revealed that he had ebola. The secondary test is on it’s way to Atlanta for final diagnosis.

The department of health has deployed all their assets to identify those who may have had any contact with the doctor, and have stated that three people will be put in quarantine. These are his fiancée, and two friends.

According to Dr Thom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the federal government “will continue to provide whatever help New York needs.”

According to Frieden, Ebola becomes increasingly more infectious as it develops. The concern right now is for the health care personnel at Bellevue. They are also sending “an additional CDC emergency Response team.” He also said that Bellevue has been preparing for this, and those who came in contact with Dr. Spencer.

He also said that “Ebola is a scary disease, but it does not spread easily.” He also emphasized that the people who were in close contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, who passed from the disease in Dallas, none of them came down with the disease. The ones who did were two health care workers who are at high risks of infection because they are in close contact with the patient as the disease evolves, and body fluids such as blood, urine, vomit, diarrhea and urine.

Officials emphasized that while doctor Spencer did go out and about, the risks to anybody who might have come into casual contact is very low.

Bellevue is one of the eight New York State designated facilities to manage Ebola patients.

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