VP Biden Rallies the Troops for Congressman Peters

Congressman Peters with his Spokesperson

Congressman Peters with his Spokesperson

Photos: Nadin and Tom Abbott

Nov. 1, 2014 (San Diego) Three days before the general election the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, came to San Diego to rally the troops. It was an invitation only event at the Machinist and Aerospace Workers Union Hall in Kearny Mesa.

The race is one of the closest in the U.S. House, between congressman Scott Peters (D-52) and challenger Carl DeMaio (R ). Both men served in San Diego City Council early in the early part of the last decade. Both have made claims and counter claims, and this is one of the few competitive districts in the U.S. House.

When Reporting San Diego went to the also by invitation only event for the DeMaio campaign, where the Speaker of the House John Bohener was present, there was no acknowledged of the media assembled outside, or the public. During this event Alex Roth, a representative for the Peters campaign came out and spoke to the press regularly. At the end, the congressman also talked with Reporting San Diego for a minute or two. We asked about the race, which is very close, and he encouraged people to come out to vote.


Security was tight, so we did not expect the Vice President to come out and this not happening did not surprise us. What we did learn from another outlet is that inside there were hundreds of people waiting for the vice president of the United States, who arrived a little late.


Outside there was a small eclectic group of protesters. It was about ten of them. We talked to Nicole Gochmanosky who said “we are protesting the fast track of the Transpacific Trade Agreement (TTP). It is an international trade agreement that covers over 12 countries.” The reason why this treaty is bad in her view is that the TTP has many aspects that will affect trade, education, medicines, even the Internet. Moreover, this is being done in secret.

The organization she represents, Citizen Trade Campaign, is asking congresswoman Susan Davis, (D-53) not to fast track it, but they said that Peters was going to vote against it. They also said that the both Duncan Hunter and Daryl Issa, both republicans, would vote for it. While congressman Juan Vargas, they expect him to vote against it since he is also a Democrat.


Another activists, Jerry Malamud also said that his main problem with the TTP is that it is being negotiated in secret. This is a very common criticism among critics of the process. If the treaty is so beneficial; why the closed doors?

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  1. Citizens Trade Campaign is the non-profit and my last name is Gochmanosky

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