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Nov 6, 2014 (San Diego) While the Chamber of Commerce in San Diego consistently argues against raising the wage for low wage workers, they are going against increasingly strong political headwinds. The General Election provided a fascinating look into the collective mood of voters.

Voters in Alaska, Arkansas, South Dakota and Nebraska chose to raise the minimum wage. They join another 17 states that have done such since 2013. Arkansas is particularly interesting since that is the home base for Wal-Mart. Moreover, Wal-Mart has come in favor of raising the Federal wage as well.

National polls also show there is support for this measure across the highly polarized partisan divide.

In California voters did grant a $15\hour increase in wages in San Francisco. The City of Seattle has had that wage level for a while. The economy in none of these places has ground to a halt. San Jose also provides another example, where in spite of predictions of doom and gloom, things are improving.

The City of Oakland, just across the bay from San Francisco, also approved a wage hike. The only city that went against the trend was Eureka, California. While the city is coastal, like both San Francisco and Oakland, it is in Humboldt County, a far more conservative area of the state.

Still, when one looks at this from a bird’s eye view, four red states have approved an increase in the minimum wage, and the largest private employer in the United States wants that increase.

Moreover, even Forbes, the quintessential business publication in the United States, is now running editorials where they state this position. Raising the minimum wage would be good for Wal-Mart. We will add, the country. In a consumer based economy, if the consumer cannot afford to consume, the economy will slow down.

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