Round Up of Propositions

Courtesy County of San Diego

Courtesy County of San Diego

Nov. 6, 2014 (San Diego) When trying to decipher what the voters want, at times it is interesting to look at the results from propositions. Yesterday we concentrated just on the East County, but the review must include the rest.

Escondido voters approved a $182.1 million bond; they also rejected becoming a charter city and development at the Lakes, which is a golf course.

Voters in National City approved the extension of a 1 percent tax.

Encinitas, like La Mesa, rejected a medical marihuana proposition.

In the far East County Vallecitos rejected an education bond as well. Lemon Grove voters approved a 10 million bond for their schools.

Finally, while proposition S, which would have raised a special levy tax, it only met 60 percent of the vote, when it required a 75 percent.

The message was clear, rural more traditional areas do not want medical marijuana, but they are divided when it comes to funding schools. The rest is mot that clear.

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