Police Going on Strike in the State of Mexico

Photo via twitter

Photo via twitter

Nov. 17, 2014 (HUIXQUILUCAN, STATE OP MEXICO) We at Reporting San Diego have received information of yet another development in Mexico. We feel this is one worthy of sharing. Municipal police for Xuixquilucan went on a few hours strike Friday.

They not only went on strike. They blocked access to roads leading to the Interlomas shopping center and residential zone in a middle class neighborhood. What the police were demanding was to be paid. If they complain, their paychecks are held back.

As is, this is a municipal police force, and those are the worst paid in Mexico. They are also the worst trained and the worst equipped. This also explains why the cartels have such an easy time penetrating these police forces.

While the strike only took a few hours, and was mostly ignored by local media, this is not insignificant. It goes hand in hand with the demands of municipal police in Acapulco, Guerrero making demands for equipment, institutional support and hazard pay.

When police start to go on strike, something else is going in a society. We at Reporting San Diego are left to wonder how wide spread this is?

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