Who’s Campus, Our Campus…Mike Brown and Eric Garner at USD


Dec. 5, 2014 (San Diego) Students, administrators, teachers and members of the community came to the University of San Diego (USD) for a march. This was a march in the same continuity of the national outrage over the grand jury decisions of both Missouri and New York. People are angry and tired of police impunity.

Tarez Lemmons was one of the student organizers and he saw a crowd of about 90 people. They came for one thing, to protest the deaths of two African-American men, at the hands of police, and the decisions of two mostly white grand juries.

Simmons told the crowd “change is possible but it takes all our voices.” He added that he started to feel the same kind of despondency that has reached many in communities of color. But he was cured of it once he saw people from widely different backgrounds coming out and showing the same anger.

The march course was small, and covered just three blocks of the main campus road, as well as the small plaza in front of the student cafeteria. At one moment the march entered the cafeteria and many of the students eating there seemed surprised.

“Hands up, don’t shoot!” was heard in the course of the demonstration. One white student, who did not want her name used, was very angry at the racism that according to her pervades the campus. She said, “in the last few months I have been ashamed, embarrassed, to be a student here, because there has been a silence that has been so oppressive. I do not understand how we have allowed it to happen.”

When Reporting San Diego talked with Lemmons, he did say that the campus seemed divided in its response. There were those who were angry at the grand jury decisions. And then there were those who were angry at those who were angry at the decisions. The split was very stark.

This is a division that is not just present at the University of San Diego. It is a social split. We have witnessed this in social media and some random conversations. In San Diego the best example has been the shut down, temporary as it was, of Interstate 5.

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