Dispatches from Mexico: Student Identified by DNA Testing


Dec. 7,  2014 (MEXICO CITY) The Mexican government first told the father, but later informed the public, that the body of Alexander Mora, 21 years old, was identified by DNA testing. That means that 42 students are still missing.

The question most observers would have is will this allow Mexico to surpass the crisis of impunity that has overcome her? Well, when reading the comunique from the Isidro Burgos Normal School in Ayotzinana, i am not so sure.

In the Facebook page of the school, (here is a more permanent version of the statement) this was posted. First in Spanish, and translated in a second.

“El Pericón, Gro., México.


Compañeros a todos los que nos han apoyado soy ALEXANDER MORA VENANCIO. A través de esta voz les hablo soy uno de los 43 caídos del día 26 de Septiembre en manos del narcogobierno. Hoy 6 de diciembre le confirmaron los peritos Argentinos a mi padre que uno de los fragmentos de mis huesos encontrados me corresponden. Me siento orgulloso de ustedes que han levantado mi voz, el coraje y mi espíritu libertario.

No dejen a mi padre sólo con mi pesar, para él significo prácticamente todo, la esperanza, el orgullo, su esfuerzo, su trabajo y su dignidad. Te invito que redobles tu lucha. Que mi muerte no sea en vano. Toma la mejor decisión pero no me olvides. Rectifica si es posible pero no perdones. Este es mi mensaje.

Hermanos hasta la victoria.


El Pericon, Guerrero, Mexico.

They have confirmed the rests of Alexander Mora Venacio.

Comrades, to all who have supported I am Alexander Mora Venacio. Through this voice I speak to you. I am one of the 43 fallen on the 26 of Sep at the hands of the drug governvnezmnt. Today, 6 of December the Argenitinian Forensic officers told my father that one of the fragments of my bones are mine. I am proud of you that raised my voice, my courage and my free spirit. Do not leave my father alone in his pain. To him this was everhing, hope, pride, his effort, his work and his dignity.

I invite you to redouble the struggle. That my death will not be in vain. Take the best decision so you do not forget me. Correct things if possible but do not forgive. This is my message. Brothers until victory.

I am Alexander Mora Venancio from Person, Municipality of Tenoanapa, Guerrero.

These are the words of defiance, and also the words of pain and revolution, Since we have had more people since they went missing, and some have been found with their faces missing, things are getting more interesting. We have also had self defense groups recruit women. We also have had more pressure put on the powers that be for real change that will benefit all. 

I do not expect President Enrique Pena Nieto to leave office, not without something very major. But I also do not expect the elections in 2015 to run smoothly. This is not going away, even if the President of Mexico wishes for it to go away. Guerrero State has given us a lot of heroes and unrest, This is just getting started.

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