San Diego City Council Election For Council President to Happen Wednesday


Dec. 8, 2014 (San Diego) In a vote during the Monday session, the City Council approved moving the vote for Council President for Wednesday, Dec. 10, at two in the afternoon. All members present, except for Myrtle Cole who represents district 9, approved it.

According to Council Member David Alvarez “the voters approved back in June of this year” a change in city documents. This means that the Council selected the date of Dec. 10, 2014, as opposed to the first Monday of December as it is customary.

If the changed approved by voters in June had not happened, those elected to the council would already had been sworn in. So they would be electing the council president as normal practice.

The swearing in ceremony for the 70th San Diego City Council is Wednesday morning, the ceremony will start at 10:00. Therefore, Wednesday afternoon, during that extraordinary session, they will be ready to take their seats as duly sworn members.

Among those who came to ask for this delay, which had to be done by vote from the present Council, was Council Member Elect Chris Cate who will represent the 6th District.

There were also some calls from members of the public to have President Pro Tem Sherri Lighter (District 1) to become the next president, since it is her turn. She is termed out, and if she should become the next council president the politics of the council will change from what has happened so far.

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