Sheriff Gore Dismisses Officer for Violating Protocol

Graphic courtesy SD Sheriffs  Dept

Graphic courtesy SD Sheriffs Dept

Dec. 11, 2014 (San Diego) It is tempting in the current environment to fall into the lazy thinking that no police department can do anything right. In the flurry of recent street action and political stories, we at Reporting San Diego we almost missed this one.

So we want to correct the record. Sheriff Bill Gore fired Deputy Sam Knight from duty at the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. He fired the deputy after Gore sued the Civil Service Commission, which reversed the indefinite suspension of the seven-year veteran after he used a choke, hold on an imamate, the Union Tribune reports.

The two violations were both the use of force and failing to file a report.

Suffice it to say that a chokehold is against the sheriff’s office procedures. Moreover, this case is still in legal wrangling and in the courts.

Given the current environment one might be cynical and say, well it is because of Ferguson, and New York and Cleveland. This is the second time the Sheriff goes to bat in the courts against the Civil Service Commission. Two years ago he went to court, and won, over the lying of Deputy Aaron Aguilera. In that case, he was fired for lying.

I will add this to as well. The Richmond Police Chief took to the streets with demonstrators in uniform. The Contra Costa Times reported this.

So yes, indeed, not all officers are bad, but change will be difficult. The leadership of Sheriff Gore who acted in now two cases, and of the Richmond Police Chief need to become the norm, not the exception.

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