San Diego City Council Approves Bid for All Star Game

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Dec. 16, 2014 (San Diego) The City of San Diego gave the go ahead to the Padres to pursue the All Star Game in San Diego for the 2017 Fiscal Year, meaning in 2016. This is a July game and the Fiscal Year (FY) starts in June.

Among the package approved by the city was the waiver of up to $1.5 million of general funds fees. According to the report from Staff the recommendations, which was approved unanimously, came because:

  • Of the one time nature of the event.
  • The positive economic impact to the region.
  • There are specific needs from the public safety side, because if the international nature of the event.
  • It makes the Padres bid to the league competitive.

Here are the reasons for this from the point of view of the city. It is an internationally recognized event, and will give the city exposures across 223 countries and territories. 42.5 million people saw it.

City staff also believes that the Transient Occupancy Tax that will be collected will be at $1.2 million and generate an economic impact of $80 million dollars.

Another benefit, according to staff, will be anywhere from $1.5 and $2 million in chartable donations that the Padres will be able to use for charities in the city.

While the Council asked hard questions, the important nagging question came from Council Member David Alvarez. It was a nagging concern that in three years there will be plenty of finger pointing.

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