New Travel Warning Issued by State for Mexico


Dec. 29, 2014 (WASHINGTON) The United States State Department has issued a new travel warning, superseding the one issued in October. This warning is far more extensive and it covers far more states. In fact, it covers almost the whole country and it is detailed by each state and tourist destination. It also reflects the deepening crisis.

The warning is extensive. So here are the high points: Stay in tourist areas and driving during the day is advised. Many of the destinations should only be reached by plane or cruise ship, and people should avoid driving.

Americans are also advised to stay out of places like Casinos and other adult entertainment. Also Americans are advised to use common sense and be aware of conditions around them. To make sure they do not look like foreigners with expensive goods, such as carrying expensive cameras.

People are also advised to stay away from demonstrations and the warning now includes the bane of many Mexicans, which include kidnappings and carjacking’s. For a full list of states and detailed warnings, go here.

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