Fire fighter Deaths in the United States in 2013


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Jan 14, 2015 (San Diego) The most recent report from the U.S. Fire Administration on fire service fatalities in the United States are as of 2013. This is the year that the 19 Hot Shots during the Yarnell Fire in Arizona lost their lives.

According to the report: While on-duty in 2013, 106 firefighters died, an increase of 24 firefighters over the previous year’s total. The 2013 total includes seven firefighters who died under circumstances that were part of inclusion criteria changes resulting from the Hometown Heroes Survivors Benefit Act. When not including these fatalities for the purposes of a trend analysis, there were 99 firefighter fatalities in 2013.

President George Bush signed the act in 2003 and it provides some relief to those left behind. This is a one-time payment to help families from the Federal government. In 20003 this was expanded those who died from hearts attacks or strokes.

Total deaths were up for 2013, and the single loss at the Yarnell Fire stands out. It was one of the largest single losses of personnel outside the September 11 attacks. What is more informative is the data in regards as to cause of death.

California had 3 fatalities for the year, which made 2.8 percent of the total. Most of the fatalities, that would be 20, were in Arizona, making this 18.9 percent of the fatalities.

While the job has become somewhat safer, due to protective equipment and improved traiing, the job still remains a hazardous occupation. As long as people have to go into burning structures, or fight wilfires to protect property, they will face risks.

Regardless, there is constant research to make the job safer for responders. Still, this early in the year, we have the first fatality reported to the U.S. Fire Administration.

These reports have a year lag.

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