Image Removed from SDPOA After Being Pointed Out

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Jan. 14, 2015 (San Diego) An image of an American Flag crossed over was posted last February at the San Diego POA Facebook page, which was pointed to me by members of the public recently. The image was on the timeline photos, and we are posting a screen cap.

We contacted San Diego Police, and the Public Information Officer told us that this was not something they deal with. In essence, Lt, Kevin Mayer told us that the Police have none to do with the association.

While the association is made up of police officers and it negotiates working conditions, we thought the nature of the image was relevant to the Department.

The editor at the association, Jacqueline Rainey, told Reporting San Diego over email:

I was asked to reach out to you regarding the photo that was brought to your attention on our Facebook page. We do not know why that photo was posted and it has since been taken down. We apologize if anyone was offended. Please let me know if you have any questions.

In the current environment, though this image was posted almost a year ago, leads to more distrust by community members for the police.

Members of the public reacted to this image by calling officers “Nazis,” and other names. Some of which are not fit for print, though expected. This does nothing to increase the trust between the officers and the communities they serve. The fact that the association seems to have no editorial control, or has no context for this image is also worrisome.

If they were hacked that is one thing. Agencies, businesses and private individuals get hacked regularly. The answer did not point to even that possibility. While the Association members have a right to free speech, posting this image raises more questions than it answers. It also raises the question of how much control the POA has over it’s own Facebook page.

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