San Diego Launches Human Trafficking Task Force


Jan 22, 2015 (San Diego) The San Diego Border Patrol arrested a human trafficker on Interstate 5 the same day the County announced the task force launch.

Human trafficking is considered a form of slavery, and one of our local prosecutors had this to say: “I really can’t stand that we have modern-day slavery. We have to end it,” said Summer Stephan. “How can we claim to be a civilized society when we’ve got girls in a motel with ten men a night or people working without wages? It’s not right.”

She oversees prosecution for the District Attorney office led by Bonnie Dumanis. This new task force, which Reporting San Diego first reported on, should curtail it.

This taskforce combines members of local, state and federal law enforcement. This will allow different agencies to erase jurisdictional lines when investigating these crimes, which are very hard to prove.

The County News Service quotes Stephan as follows: “Unlike narcotics, victims can be silenced and the young ones can also be brainwashed into thinking that this is a lifestyle that they want. It makes it very difficult to prosecute. So it requires a lot of expertise and a lot of devotion of resources.”

If you think somebody is being trafficked, or you yourself are, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.

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