Chalie Hebdo in San Diego


The “survivor issue” is on sale in San Diego, though the supply is very limited. The issue comes in be wake of the attack on their offices in Paris. During this attack last in the early part of January, five staffers were killed.


According to Ken Gabbara of Paras News on 3911 30th Avenue in North Park, they started “getting calls two weeks ago.” Why they decided to try to bring it to San Diego. They “made an effort to get them early. Most will be distributed next week.”

We asked, the store has been around since 1949, and he has managed it for the last six year.

The storefront of the newsstand in North Park is quite unassuming. You might have driven by it a few times. Once you enter you find a store that has some well-known magazines, such as The Nation, Foreign Policy or Asimov. And then you find some very obscure fair. Among them, Modern Slavery, a Libertarian magazine that is quite hard to fine.


Section with foreign magazine selection

The store also carries a large selection of foreign magazines in multiple languages. It is not just Charlie Hebdo.

As to the cover, well, it will speak for itself. This is the copy we bought tonight. Quite a bit of them were already gone.

This is the kind of store that was more common when I was growing up. These days these kinds of stores are not as common as they once were. So if you are in search of something obscure, this place might very well be what you are looking for. This is a neighborhood store. It is the kind of store that gives the neighborhood character.

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  1. Thanks for report on this! I saw a mention of it on KPBS’s evening report. The very best way to stop censorship by anyone, terrorist or cleric, is to publish and sell the magazine everywhere!

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