San Diego County Orders Plan to Implement Laura’s Law


Jan. 27, 2015 (San Diego) According to Laura’s Law a person might be ordered by a court to receive outpatient medical care. While the county has a program in place, implemented in 2011, called the Home Outreach Team (IHOP), this will make it better.

The IHOP program, according to staff, saw 413 referrals in 2014, and 128 cases where eligible to referrals, while 10 other cases were linked to other mental health services.

The plan, which should be implemented in 90 days, will allow a multidisciplinary team to implement the law in the County. Among those who spoke in favor of this program were Eric Revere and Judy Volinsky, who have family members who have mental health issues. They both said that they agreed with the plan.

The American Civil Liberties Union was among the few who came against it, on a civil rights matter. Some of the families spoke of family members who were repeatedly committed under mental health holds, and one in particular spoke of her fears that tone of these days things will not end with just an emergency 72 hour commitment.

The program, according to staff, will serve those who have serious psychiatric issues, and have a recent history of psychiatric hospitalization, incarceration, threats to themselves or others of serious bodily violence, and who refuse treatment.

This is seen as part of the live well San Diego initiative.

The team will include those inside and outside the County government, including the Sheriffs Office, San Diego Police Department, the Superior Court and patients advocates.

Supervisors Dave Roberts and Diane Jacob spearheaded the effort since it will save lives. Supervisor Bill Horn was the dissenting voice since in his view adults should be able to make those decisions.

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