Breaking News: Explosion at Children’s Hospital in Cuajimalpa, Mexico

Update: Proceso is reporting 2 dead, 60 injured. They are also reporting rescue teams,including dogs,Arron the scene looking for survivors

The list of casualties, and their location, iswirh Locatel. This service is a phone based service used for missing persons

Jan. 29, 2015 (MEXICO CITY) Seven confirmed fatalities, four children,  and scores of injured after a gas tanker truck, which was servicing the hospital, exploded. Scores have been transported by both ground and air ambulances to area hospitals, and rescue personnel remain on scene looking for more under the rubble.

The Children’s Hospital in Cuajimalpa is one of the main delivery wards for that region of the city. It also is the area hospital for the area. At this time a third of the building has collapsed. According to Milenio, some of the patients were transported to the ABC hospital, a private hospital, which is one of the nearby hospitals.

In Mexico City gas delivery for cooking and heating is not done by pipes. In general it is delivered by gas trucks which circulate the busy city streets day and night. According to early reporting, something went wrong at the delivery site.

Correction: The name of the title of the area in Mexico City.

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