Earthquake in Baja Felt in San Diego

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Update 2: El Informador is reporting that the Mexican Geological Service is putting this earthquake at 5.3 in the Richter scale. The site is specifically at latitude 31.67 y longitude -115.66, and 10 km depth, that would be 6 miles. USGS is putting this at 4.9 and at 1 km in depth, less than a mile.

Update 1: According to Mexican Media it was felt in the city of Mexicali, but there are as of yet no reports of damage in Mexicali either. They are still reporting 5.2 in the Richter scale as well.

Feb. 8, 2015 (San Diego) An earthquake of moderate intensity was felt in San Diego at 5:45 PM. The earthquake’s epicenter was at 88 kilometers East South East of Maneadero, Baja California, in a rural area.

The United States Geological Service originally rated this at 5.1 in the Richter Scale, but quickly downgraded to 4.9 in the scale. There are no reports of damage in the United States.

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