The Republican Party and Debates

Nov 2, 2015 (San Diego) Republican candidate representatives met yesterday in Washington to talk debates. They got together to talk rules of the debates and to essentially cancel the next debate with CNBC \ Telemundo. Both networks are owned by the same parent company, but Republicans complain that they have a liberal slant.

The only campaign that still wants to have a debate in front of Telemundo, a Spanish network watched by many hispanic voters, was Jeb Bush. He seems to be the only candidate that internalized the 2012 report, after Governor Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama. The country is changing and minorities will become increasingly important voting blocks.

This is already changing the makeup of the voting public, but the RNC seems still unable to understand this. So unless those new minority votes are systematically suppressed across the country, the RNC will become a party of old white men. Suppression seems to be a tactic though, given that the party has helped pass many voter ID laws across the southern part of the country, in states such as Texas and Alabama.

This will make a second civil rights movement quite frankly inevitable. This election could be a turning point for many minority communities, who also feel the political class is not paying much attention to their needs, and this i son both sides of the aisle. Why Black Lives Matter keeps holding demonstrations at Democratic events, the last one being Hillary Clinton.

Millennials are far less married to parties, and see their needs not fulfilled by the political class. So time will tell how all these forces will develop. It is clear that times are indeed changing and that less voters are holding any trust in the system in general. But removing the franchise from minorities, and not listening to the needs of young voters will only deepen the crisis of democracy we are living under.

Oh and the meeting in DC had no members from the party, which also means the RNC is also losing control of their own selection process, to a greater extent than the Democrats. But both parties are suffering from the same problem.


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