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Nov 10, 2015 (WASHINGTON) The text of the Transpacific Trade Partnership (TTP) has finally been released. You too can go read this, but the early judgments are not good. In fact, it is worst than even the leaks than we have covered in the past. It is not just an attack on United States (and other partner nations) sovereignty, but also a template to continue to export of good paying United States jobs.

This will be a bonanza for corporations. They will be able to challenge United States Law and labor rights, and continue to weaken both to strengthen corporate capture. We also finally have some reaction from law makers, who until now, could not say much. One of the first is Congresswoman Barbara Lee, representing the Los Angeles area in Congress. She is a democrat.

In an official release she writes:

Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Lee released this statement concerning the newly released text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement:

“After years of secret negotiations, classified drafts and unprecedented influence from multinational corporations and special interests, the American people can finally see the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

It’s far worst then we thought. Far from being the most progressive trade deal ever negotiated, it’s a template to ship American jobs overseas while undermining global human rights, environmental protections and labor standards.

We’ve watched this happen before with other bad trade deals. Since 1994, California has lost one in four manufacturing jobs because of NAFTA and other WTO agreements. This is unacceptable. Trade deals should create good-paying American jobs, not send them overseas.

In addition to the loss of American jobs, I am deeply troubled by the TPP’s impact on access to lifesaving medicines.

As co-chair of the Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus, I want to highlight that UNAIDS warned, in July, against including TRIPS-plus measures in the TPP because of its negative impact on medicine-access in developing countries.  The TPP deviates from the May 10th agreement that was crafted to ensure access to lifesaving medicines in the developing world. This is simply wrong.

As Members of Congress, we cannot allow another bad trade deal to risk American jobs while putting American workers in a race to the bottom.

It’s past time for a trade policy that focuses on creating American jobs, expanding American exports and raising wage for American workers while improving global standards for human rights, the environment and labor practices.”

We are posting her full statement, since hopefully it will be the first of many signals that this treaty is bad for Americans (and the world.)

Some things to note on this treaty. While the world is meeting in Paris next month to deal with climate change, these two words do not appear once in the TTP. It will also make it much easier to crush labor, just as American labor is starting to once again find it’s voice.

On patent law it is a disaster, and while there was some compromise with medicines, it will still delay the release of generics to the market place, making many new medicines unapproachable to most people.

There also seems to be a complete silence on this treaty in the mainstream media (they are expected to benefit). So this is one more occasion where the media has chosen not to inform people of what will affect their lives, directly and for generations to come.

Locally it is of note that both Scott Peters and Susan Davies voted for fast track authority. This is in spite of muscular protests from opponents.


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