“We will Win: Obama at Join Press Conference Given by Obama and Hollande


Photo Via White House

Editor’s note: While the AP still uses ISIS or ISIL as the standard, increasingly policy makers are using Daesh to refer to the same group.

Nov 24, 2015 (WASHINGTON) President of the United States Barack Obama and French President François Holland gave a joint press conference. In it both pledged a resolve to continue to disrupt and weaken Deesh. They also pointed out that next week’s global meeting on Climate Change is a message to Daesh.

Obama emphasized that this country has to receive refugees. It is part of our core values and we have to resist the clarion call that fear provides. The American president also reminded the American people that the French people are opening their doors to 30,000 refugees. He added that the people who come to the United States in a refugee visa are the ones that go though the deepest background checks of any immigrant that comes to the United States. The process is rigorous and will remain such.

Hollande said that “Daesh dishonored humanity.” He added that there are networks that have to discovered and disrupted. These plots are organized across a number of countries and French Authorities are still looking for accomplices. They must be destroyed in Syria and Iraq, but also in Europe.

Hollande did say that “we need a single goal to defeat Daesh.” He also said that “Bashar Al Asad cannot be the future of Syria.”

The President did address the need for increased coordination, and that US authorities do not know yet all the facts behind Turkey shooting down a Russian jet earlier today. But that “Turkey has a right to defend itself and it’s airspace.”

The President said that “we have a coalition of 65 five countries that have been working together against ISIL.” Russia is a coalition of 2, Russia and Iran. Cooperation would be very good, but right now Russia is the outlier, “we hope they refocus their attention on the most substantial threat.”

The President added that air strikes are not enough, but cutting down supply lines, reducing the flow of oil, and reducing the flow of foreign fighters is critical. This includes the on the ground intelligence. This will not take a few more airstrikes. This is the hard work both France and the United States are prepared to do, and the president hoes so will Russia in the near future.

There is a convergence of interests regarding Syria and Obama added that the solution in Syria will have to go though the Vienna resolution of 2012.


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