“We Are Taking Every Possible Step:” Obama


Nov 25, 2015 (WASHINGTON) President Barack Obama updated the country on the security posture after the Paris attacks of Nov 13. In his statement the president said,  “We recognize how heinous what took place in Paris was…for many of us the events there touched a deep core.”

“Given the shocking images Americans have been asking each other if it safe here.” The president went on to say that there are no threats that the National Security apparatus had detected, but if “you see something, say something.”

He said that he understands the worry from many Americans. He added, though that “we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe.”

The president said that the first step is that they have been going after ISISL for a year, and he will be detailing this in the coming weeks. The airstrikes have taken out key leaders and land has been taken back from ISIL in both Iraq and Syria. There is also work to choke off financing and counter recruitment.

The president also said that while there is an alliance in place, with France among others, there is a need to increase coordination.

The second goal is to do all that is possible to “prevent attacks at home and abroad. and to prevent foreign terrorists  fighters from entering the United States or other nations.” He reminded Americans that since 911 there have been extraordinary measures taken to increase airline security, border security, cyber security and to increase communications.

The president also said that they learn from every event in how to increase security. The president also assured the nation that given the information he received in the Situation Room there is a continous monitoring of threats at home and abroad and “in the event of a specific credible threat, the public will be informed.”

He also asked Americans to remain aware and if they see something to say something.


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