BREAKING NEWS: Mass Shooting in San Bernardino


  • Police seek the public’s help finding the attackers. Tipsters can call ( 866) 346-7632 ; to stay anonymous, call (800) 78CRIME.

Final update for the night: 22:30 PST

According to Police Chief Jarrod Burquan we have two shooters. Their names are 28 year old Syed Farook who was a 5 year employee at the County Health Department. He also attended this party last year. He left the party and came back. The Chief did not give a motive, but did not rule out terrorism. Though he also said that Farook left the party angry before coming back.

He also identified the female as 27 year old Tashfeeq Malik. The Chief said that there was some relationship. Either this was a husband and wife or boyfriend girlfriend. It was not clear exactly what the relationship was. At this point the police said they had two shooters and both were dead.


He also said that the weapons carried were 2 long guns caliber .223, identified as a DMPS model 815 and a Smith and Wesson MP Model. Both are in the AR style family of weapons.

The chief did not identify the caliber of the side arms, but said one was a LAMA and the other was a Smith and Wesson.

The chief confirmed 3 explosive devices inside the regional center and that the coroner is just entering the scene to identify the deceased.

The chief also said that from the moment the first 911 call was received to the first responding officers, this took 4 minutes, and the first patient left the scene within 15 minutes. He added that they have several scenes to process. The building where the mass casualty happened. The place where the police had a shootout with the suspects, one officer was injured and was transported to the hospital, and the home in Redlands registered to Farook.

There was no commitment as to motives, and the chief did warn that early data will change as days do pass.

We also know that 14 people were killed and 17 were injured.

This is the final update of the night.


This was just minutes ago during the Presser called by the Council on American Islamic Relations.

The Muslim community stands shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Americans in repudiating any twisted mindset that would claim to justify such sickening acts of violence.

— Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American–Islamic Relations in Los Angeles.

The brother in law of one of the suspects, Farhan Khan, though we have no idea which one, also said that all this was a shock and surprise to him. He has no idea as to the motive behind the events earlier in the day.


NBC is reporting this:
Multiple sources from multiple agencies identified one of the three attackers at the resource center to NBC News as Syed Farook. No other information was available, but a knowledgeable source said another member of the trio is believed to be Farook’s brother.
Update at 18:00
Special Agent for the FBI office in Los Angeles has revised his previous statement that there was no connection to terrorism. He did an answer to a media question “terrorism is a possibility.” He did add that they will go where the evidence takes them.
He did confirm that one person left the party at the Inland Regional Center, but did not know if that person was related in any way, shape or form, to this shooting.
There are two suspects dead, which happened during a shootout, after they were seen leaving a home in Redlands which led to a high speed pursuit and a shoot out with law enforcement. It was one male and one female and according to San Bernardino Police Chief. Jarrod Burquan one was a male and the other female. They both also wore dark tactical clothing.
The Chief also said that a tip led them to the house at Redlands. Also there is a search warrant being carried out that is related.
The crime scene at this time also spans two cities, and they are moving very slowly, as there are objects in the vehicle, possibly explosives. He asked for patience. So did the FBI special agent, since this is “a marathon, not a sprint.”
He added that there was a third person detained. They have no idea of this third person has any part in this or not. The Chief also raised the possibility that there were others involved, and this may not be over.  He also promised another update later in the evening.
What we know:
14 people were killed at what appears to be a holiday party, and 17 have been injured. This happened at the the Inland Regional Center, 1365 S Waterman Ave  in San Bernardino.
2 suspects were found in their SUV and in the language of the police were taken care off, but it is not yet known if they were wanted in relationship to this event. Though they do meet the vehicle description. It is unclear whether there is still a third suspect or not.
It is still a dynamic scene.
The Feds are not sure wether this was terrorism, though early on locally authorities did say this. There is yet not a motive for this. There are many theories. We will have to wait for this motive.
12:55 We will need to stop the live blogging for a few hours. We will pick up later.
LA Times has this up

Police are now searching for an SUV that fled the scene of a mass shooting that left up to 20 people injured inside a social services building in San Bernardino, federal law enforcement sources told the Los Angeles Times.

At least three suspected shooters vanished from the building after the gunfire, the source said. Police have also used a robot to detonate a suspicious device found on the premises, according to the sources, who requested anonymity because the investigation is active and ongoing.

Police on the scene were assembling a battering ram to gain access to the building, and investigators believe one suspect may still be inside, the source said.

NEW INFO: Police source tells they believe there are 3 shooters and they have escaped.

Update 12:25 There are several victims down. Police confirm 12 dead.
 What we know so far
  • ATF is responding to the scene
  • FBI is also responding
  • 3 confirmed dead, possibly up to 12, reported by multiple news sources
  • The FD reports at least 20 injured.
  • Police confirms 3 assailants, possibly wearing body armor
  • Multiple agencies have responded
  • Linda Vista Trauma is preparing to receive casualties
  • People are being asked not to go there.
  • People are still being evacuated from this center.
Update 12:20 PD has confirmed that there are three shooters involved. There are also multiple road closures to allow for fire, EMS and police movement.
There were reports of explosives and the ATF tweeted that they are responding from Los Angeles.

BREAKING: Agents from ATF’s Los Angeles Field Division are responding to the scene of the San Bernadino shooting.

Dec 2, 2015 (RIVERSIDE) There are reports of a mass shooting in Riverside. What we know so far. The building where the incident is happening is the Inland Regional Center, 1365 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino. CHP assisting SBPD and Sheriff.

This is what we know so far:

 This is an Multiple Casualty Incident, with at least 10, possibly 20 people shot

Police is reporting 1 to 3 shooters, but this is unclear

So far no reports of fatalities

They are evacuating people from the facility and ordering a shelter in place for others

We have multiple agencies responding with multiple SWAT teams converging

We have no idea how many shooters are involved (And radio traffic is confusing, so I shan’t say how many are involved)

Multiple EMS is responsding for a Lv III MCI

This is at Inland Regional Center, 1365 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino. CHP assisting SBPD and Sheriff.

This is a developing news story, and there are multiple agencies responding. They are asking people to stay away.  We will contiue to update as we learn more.


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