By the Numbers: San Bernardino


Credit: San Bernardino Police

14 dead, 12 are County Employees
21 Injured, 18 are County Employees

300 officers at least responded initially, from multiple agencies

At the Scene:

65 to 75 rounds .223 fired by the suspects

3 Pipe bombs left behind assembled into a single device, did not detonate.

4 high capacity magazines were left behind at the scene, a total of 1o were recovered.

Suspects wore load bearing gear, not bullet proof vests as originally believed.

At the Officer Involved Shooting:

7 Police Agencies involved

23 officers fired 380 rounds

Suspects fired 76 rifle rounds at officers

Officers found 1400 rounds for the .223 rifles, and 200 for the 9 mm side arms.

2 officers were injured, one shot in the left leg, the other due to cuts on one of his legs.

At Redlands Home:

12 pipe bombs

Hundreds of tools that could be used to build bombs

More material for bomb making material

2000 rounds for the 9 mm side arms

2500 rounds for the .223 long rifles.

Several hundred other long rifle ammunition.

Source: San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan


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