Lt. Mike Madden Gives A First Hand Account


Dec 3, 2015 (SAN BERNARDINO) The eventing brief had the testimony of Lt. Mike Madden, from the San Bernardino Police Department. He was one of the first, if not the first officer on scene to an active shooter situation. As he explained, he works administration and is in charge of the 911 dispatch center. He heard this in the voices of his dispatchers, as the call came in. He also knew this was for real.

He fought tears and choked up a few times as he spoke of the events, as he experienced them as one of the first officers in charge. He also said that Officer Sean Sandoval arrived to the scene almost at the same time he did.

As he arrived on scene, he asked for more officers, as fast as possible. “My goal was to assemble an entry team, and engage the active shooter.” He was sure that they were still in, and this is a protocol that has been in place since Columbine. This is to enter, engage and neutralize as soon as possible.

He also said that while “we train for it, you are never prepared for.” He added that “the situation was surreal.” They entered a room that was decorated for Christmas. There was a tree, and people were dead and injured. He and his team had to further move in, and had to convinced fifty people that they were there to get them out safely. They did not want to move, which made Madden think that perhaps there were hostages taken.

“This is a tragedy that I never experienced in my career.” While there was panic among those inside, “we can’t panic in those situations.” The last thing you need is for police officers to do that. “You cannot let your emotions override your judgement.”

He also said that none, not one of the officers who responded from multiple agencies hesitated in the job they had to do. He closed by reminding people that while law enforcement has taken many hits in the recent past, some of it justified, “the vast majority of officers do the job to protect the public.”

We also got some other interesting data from the police chief. The morning session was a training session for the county. This was to transition to an afternoon holiday party. There were 91 people invited, and the department has been able to account for 75 to 80, they are still working though it. Some people might not have signed the list yet.

He also said that of the 14 people killed, 12 were county employees, and of the 21 injured, 18 were county employees.

Governor Brown also addressed the people of the state, and the country. He said that “everything that can be done will be done.” He also said that noting will be spared to bring them to justice. and that “we cannot take anything for granted.”

The Governor’s tone was one of defiance. Also a promise that resources will be allocated to solve this case and to keep the people of the state safe.

We are updating this with the photos of the four weapons found. Also two of the guns were bought in San Diego according to the ATF.




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