“Radicalized for Some Time.” FBI


Dec 7, 2015 (SAN BERNARDINO) According to David Bowdich, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office, both Tashfeen Makik and Syed Farook have been “radicalized for some time.” He also said that he did not know where or how, but did not discount the internet as the sole source. The agency is letting the evidence, as it emerges, to guide the conclusions.

Bowditch added that there is no evidence that there is a plot that came from outside the Continental United States, but they are pursuing any leads and building a timeline. They want to know what motivated them, and they do not have a motive yet, but they are exploiting digital data and hope to build this.

There is no evidence of suicide vests either.

He added that they know the couple went target shooting in the Los Angeles area and Riverside over the years. They have removed 320 pieces of evidence, and some of it has been transported to the DC lab for research. He added that they have gone from 12 pipe devices to 19. He clarified that this does not mean they are pipe bombs, but that if they have the components they could be. So they have been removed to a bomb range for safe disassembly and photography for evidence.

ATF Assistant Agent in Charge John D’Angelo did go a tad into the weapons.  They recovered five weapons in total, two 9 mm side arms, two AR-15 platforms and one .22 caliber rifle. The last was recovered at the Farook home. He also added that all were bought in Southern California between 2007 and 2012, from California based dealers.

Two of the weapons, the AR-15 platform used during the attack, were  bought by Enrique Marquez. The ATF is asking when that weapons transfer happen, but Marquez has not been charged with anything, or at this point is a suspect.



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