Donald Trump Is a Fascist



Dec 10, 2015 (San Diego) While we understand why Donald Trump has a certain appeal for people, but Donald Trump is a fascist. His campaign is based on the full creation of the other. It is also based on deep seeded fears that are part of any society, but have increased due to income innequality, and a changing society where the majority white culture is under threat.

What is attractive of Trump? He is a strong leader, who is speaking about threats to the nation. These threats to the nation, to the volk, are coming from people who do not share the same faith as the core of the volk. What Trump is doing is in no way different from what Adolph Hitler did with the outsiders to the German volk. In the case of Germany is was the Jew, the Gypsie, the Communist, the Socialist, the union leader. In the case of Trump this is the Muslim, the Mexican, the immigrant. Quite frankly soon it will be the labor leader as well.

The threat presented is the same. It is an existential threat to the nation, to the purity of the nation. In this case to what it means to be an American. What Trump is doing is also relying on the crass nationalism that both Hither and Benito Mussolini used. These are the words from Mussolini: “Rather is it the State which creates the nation, conferring volition and therefore real life on a people made aware of their moral unity.” Quite frankly, these words would not be surprising if they came out of Trump.

Trump’s call to “make american great again,” is an appeal to this national instinct. He also has another note, where he calls all the rest in the field, and the President, “weak and ineffective.” This is more than just a call to action. This is calling others effeminate and not ideal males that should be in charge. This concept of the ideal male in fascism is a man who is full of energy and will enter conflict and war with zeal, to preserve the race, the volk. It is the ubermench that is young, virile and strong.

Then there are the calls to ban Muslims from the United States and the view that Islam is incompatible with American, or Western life. Consider this, replace Islam with Judaism. and it is the same principle that animated the early propaganda of purification of the race in Nazi Germany. In this version of this thinking the American nation should be replaced by the Aryan nation, as the creator of culture, and Muslims for Jews, and it is a very similar ideology.

Trump is exciting people who are scared. He is scaring people who see themselves working far longer hours and their children with a lower standard of living. He is blaming an outside force, the immigrant, the Mexican and the Muslim. His language is not that different from what both Mussolini and Hitler used. What Trump is doing is also separating the other from the main of American culture This is not unlike the early efforts of the Nazis to separate Jews (and other inferior races) from the German volk.

Trump has hinted that he wants to remove American soldiers from the service and to force people to carry special cards. Things like not permitting deployed soldiers, (which he pulled from) are not different from the April 7, 1933 law that removed Jews from the Civil Service. Or for that matter, that day Jews were also not permitted to enter the Bar and practice law.

On July 14 of 1933 Jews and other undesirables were stripped of their citizenship, and on May 1935 Jews were expelled from the German Army officer Corp. By April 9, of 1937 Jewish children were no longer admitted to public school in Berlin, and teachers were no longer teaching.

The holocaust was not a sudden event, but a slow series of legal steps. Here, at the virtual holocaust museum you can read the chronology of laws.

What Trumpism is proposing regarding American Muslims is no different. it is a form of fascism. It is un-American, but we fear that Trump has a good chance of winning the nomination from the Republican party. Whether he has a chance to win the Presidency is not something that should be dismissed because “it can’t happen here.” It is happening here, legally, by electoral politics, not unlike Germany in the early 1930s. The reasons are similar. It is fear based politics.

We at Reporting San Diego understand the process, but at the same time we are scared to watch this unfold. We are because what we are seeing are echoes of history. To be honest, not just European echoes. We are also seeing echoes of United States History, whether it is the Chinese Exclusion Act, or Japanese Internment during World War Two.

Trump is a fascist and there is no way around it.


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