Community Members Want the Citizens Review Board Reform to Be Placed on the Ballot

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Dec 15, 2015 (San Diego) Community Members attended the City Council Meeting in the morning. Their objective, to bring to light once again the problem sight the Citizen Review Board. The fact that the board is not trusted by the community.

Hugh Moore reminded members of the Council that the shooting death of Fridoon Rawshan Nehad. Since his death, there has been a lawsuit filed by the family for $20 million dollars and the District Attorney found no cause to charge to the officer. Yet. while the officer did not activate his body camera, there is a video from a security camera. This video has been requested, though multiple Freedom of Information Requests, but it has yet to be released. Moore reminded the city of the death of Laquan McDonnald in Chicago, that has resulted in charges, and the resignation of the police commissioner and calls for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

More brought this case up, since San Diego has yet to release the security tape from the Midway district which hardly passes as transparency. He was not alone Jeeni Criszenso and Michael Blackberri used their time for the Council to watch the NBC Seven investigation revealing the problems with the CRB. In this video Stephanie Jennings is seen talking to the reporter on the problems of the CRB, as well as former members. They are told that the CRB has no neutrality, and that tough cases are referred to board members who are friendly to the police. Jennings is heard explaining to the reporter that she could get something done. But she fears that people without a lawyer cannot do that.

Sources also obtained the stop data that was sent to San Diego State and part of it was supposed to be released to the public The raw data was released, and they worked with it. We are providing their data manipulation that shows what seems to this reporter as racial profiling.

We will also say that this data matches some of the conclusions earlier in the year during testimony before the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee.

Council Member Myrtle Cole did state during that hearing the following: “Racial profiling, it exists. Data is saying that it exists.”

We are providing the data that this source provided Reporting San Diego.


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