You Have Mobility Challenges? There is Help



Jan 1, 2016 (San Diego) The San Diego International Auto Show has many things. Fast cars, green cars and adapted vehicles for those who are mobility challenged. Lets say you have a cord injury, or a double, even triple amputation, a vehicle can be adapted for you to safely operate.

Reporting San Diego spoke with Dwayne Norman, with Paralyzed Veterans of America.He explained that he was also with Golden Boy Mobility, a company that does “vehicle modifications. They have vehicles that are available in almost any conceivable platform that you would use. Anything from pickup trucks, to small vans to cars.”

Norman told Reporting San Diego that for a service connected veteran, the Veterans Administration will cover 100 percent of the cost, and this can be done every two years. Non service connected veterans have other services that they can apply as well. Other programs, such as Medicare, will not cover this, nor will Medi-Cal. Nor will third party insurance cover any of the necessary conversions that can run into thousands of dollars.

Some people who were injured on the job may have some of the cost covered. But the best program that is available is for veterans through the VA.

The truck that was on the floor was a Chevrolet Silverado pickup, a full sized pick up. We also saw a jeep, and a Honda Odyssey. They also had on the floor a few race cars. Here is also a heavily modified jeep.



This gets us to another point. Handicapped spots. There is a reason why they take so much space, and as they say, an image is worth a thousand words.

You will see an actual handicapped space in California, with this full sized pickup on the side. This is why those spaces are needed. They can take that much space to allow their drivers to come in and out. As a bonus we included the fine. While none of us at Reporting San Diego is permanently disabled, we have had to use placards in the past due to temporary disabilities. These days the placards will come with an ID linked to the user.

handiccaped fine

This is what happens if you misuse the placard by the way.


There are two potential kinds of penalties for violating Vehicle Code 4461.

If you are charged with this offense, you may receive only a civil fine that is comparable to a parking ticket. This fine will be between two hundred fifty dollars ($250) and one thousand dollars ($1,000).3

OR you may be charged with illegal use of a disabled placard as a California misdemeanor.

In this case, you could face the criminal penalties of up to six (6) months in county jail, and/or a criminal fine of between two hundred fifty ($250) and one thousand dollars ($1,000).4


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