Tax Relief for Property Owners Who Suffered Damage


Jan 9, 2016 (San Diego) County AssessorErnest J. Dronenburg, Jr announced that there will be tax relief for tax payers who suffered $10,000 dollars or more in damage. According to the press release on the website.

This tax relief is available for any property damage includes homes and out buildings, commercial and industrial properties, and mobilehomes. Damage to vehicles and the contents of a home such as furniture are not eligible for this tax relief because it is not taxable. (See the attached information sheet and calamity claim form.)

It is important to file with the county, and Dronenburg said “I would like to strongly encourage all property owners who suffered flood damage to their property in excess of $10,000 to contact my office for the necessary claim form at (619) 531-4993 or by visiting the Assessor’s website at”

The form can be found as the bottom of the PDF linked above, and there is also a helpful question and answer section.

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