The Chargers and San Diego

Jan 19, 2015 (San Diego) We are now in a somewhat different stage than we were previous league announcement. The Carson project is dead, but the Chargers have the option to return to Los Angeles after decades of playing in the San Diego market. For the Chargers this option is a way out.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer is desperate to keep the team in San Diego, and seems to be willing to go to almost any extend to do this. The city is over $2 billion in an infrastructure deficit and building a new stadium will not help that deficit. The team has not been negotiating in good faith either, as we noted last year.

We at Reporting San Diego expect the team owner, Alex Spanos, to take option with the now Los Angeles Rams and move to Inglewood. It is simple. If they do not, then the Aukland Raiders will, and that will mean 3 teams in Southern California. The league might have it’s doubts that three teams can be supported anyway.


This Facebook fandom map from 2014 might explain some of this. The Chargers have a very concentrated area of fans, limited to the San Diego area, with some of Orange and Riverside and Imperial counties. We might be able to add some from Baja California Norte, but that is not in the map.

This makes not moving to Los Angeles, if the objective is to expand the fandom, silly.

Many fans look at sports as their sport. These are businesses, and if the Spanos family wants to expand that, they need to leave the very limited market that is San Diego. It would help if they get a team that can play, and we expect that. This will make the now LA Chargers that much more profitable, and will expand the fandom from that limited area where they are now.

As to the city. It is time for cities in general, and San Diego in particular, to get over the shiny aspect of teams, and let owners and the leagues pay for stadiums, without any tax payer money. If that means the Charges leave, so be it. We need to fix roads.



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