Bank Phone Scam Targets San Diegans


Jan 29, 2015 (San Diego District Attorney) The District Attorney’s Office is warning residents of San Diego about a phone scam where crooks are calling people to solicit their personal bank information.

The scammers may identify themselves as employees of Bank of America (B of A) and allegedly need to confirm their account information because of some “irregularities,” asking for your account number and other details. The caller may leave a message and when victims call back, the phone is answered by someone stating they are in “financial services” or may identify themselves as a bank employee. If victims decline to provide information, the caller may become aggressive, demanding and intimidating.

If you or someone you know received such a call and actually provided information, contact your financial institution immediately as well as the various credit bureau agencies to place a freeze on your credit.

  • Remember these important tips, if you receive one of these phone calls:
  • Hang up!
  • Never provide any personal or confidential information over the phone to someone who initiates contact with you.
  • Call the official number of your bank or the institution the person claims to be calling from

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