Before Iowa: Where we Stand for the Primary


Jan 31, 2015 (San Diego) Donald Trump has surged ahead of Ted Cruz in the Republican primary. This is according to the final Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll. According to this poll Trump now leads Cruz with 28 percent of likely voters to Cruz’s 23 percent. This is well outside the margin of error.

Trump should have an easy path during the Iowa caucus primary to victory. That is unless something quite extraordinary happens, which does occur.

In the democratic side Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads Senator Bernie Sanders 45 to 42 well within the margin of error. This places Clinton in a familiar place to 2008 and truly it will be a turnout fight. If the young and people who have never come to a caucus come out, Sanders has a very good chance to win. IF on the other hand, those voters stay home, Clinton has a good chance to win.

This is the first contest in the primaries and one that has launched presidential bids for unlikely candidates in the past, such as Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama.

The least revelation on the email saga, at least we at Reporting San Diego, don’t expect to have any play. The reason, it is a highly technical story, and voters have decided whether it matters or not already.

This will be a very busy day for all candidates, since this is about turnout, and if the younger voters turn out, as they did in 2008 she might face a similar scenario as she did in 2008.

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