Iowa Caucuses are In, well sort off…


Feb 1, 2016 (DES MOINES, IOWA) The republican primary came in early in the night. Senator Ted Cruz won the contest, with 28 percent and Donald Trump coming in at 24 percent. The major story, apart of the upset, was Marco Rubio that came in at third. This is important. Since this gives the Republican establishment a new life.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee has suspended his campaign.

On the democratic side Governor Martin O’Malley has suspended his campaign after not really registering. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are essentially in a tie. While Clinton leads, it is so close that this has become a counting exercise. When Sanders declared none gave him the time of day. So for him to be in a statistical tie with the Clinton machine is quite remarkable.

This will give momentum to the Sanders campaign and will likely reduce the inevitable message from the Clinton camp. To be brutal, we now have a real primary. We are not expected to know who will win this statistical tie by a delegate or two tonight. We might not know for a week. This happened as well with the 2012 Iowa caucus, and while Clinton has declared victory, this is even closer than it was in 2012 between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.


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