After New Hampshire

Feb 10, 2016 (San Diego) Elections can be close, as they were in Iowa, or elections can be a drubbing, as they were in New Hampshire. Regardless, both Democrats and Republicans have people winning who are scaring their respective establishments.


Suffice it to say, either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders winning their respective elections did not surprise us at Reporting San Diego. This is a change election. People on both sides are angry. Their solutions to the present crisis are different. For the right wing voter it is anger at outsiders and a return to nationalism, even a try with fascism.

To the left side voter this is a place where we need to change national and economic dynamics. Essentially returning the country to a place to fairness that might be mythical (though historically it did exist.) Americans remember this from the New Deal, and history books. Income inequality is at an all time high.

There is data that is slowly emerging from surveys that tells us that the country is moving left, or at least democratic voters are. The number of people who identified as liberal in New Hampshire essentially doubled. Last night 69 percent of voters self identified as liberals. So the status quo candidate, as perceived by voters, was not going to work.

There were other markers that came out of this election. Sanders won, and won big, with women. The only demographic that Secretary Hillary Clinton won among women was her core, women 45 years old and above.

Sanders also did well with minorities.

Looking into the Republican race, the voters are far more divided and angry. They are angry with President Barack Obama who in some cases they perceive as the enemy within.

The tealeaves in the Republican party are a tad more difficult to read, but it is clear the establishment is starting to worry. Trump as Presidential General Election candidate is not beyond the realm of possibility. We have gone on record as stetting this is very possible.

Worrisome trends.

It is too early to say if this is a wave election but some measures of concern have to be raised. This has to do with the House and Senate. Unless this is a wave election, if a Democrat takes the White House, they will be faced with a House and Senate of NO. This will lead to at least another two years, likely four, of frustration in DC.

To a lesser extent a Republican will have the same problem, Mostly they will have the same problem because of how divided the party is internally. So even a Republican will have issues governing, even if from the center right.

The second worrisome trend is that the country is further divided between the right and the left. They are not in any talking mood, and this will also translate to Congress, as it has over the least decade or so.

What is clear is that independents are driving this train for both sides. So who will decide the presidency will not just be turnout, but will be independents.

Oh and one last thing. New Hampshire is the first primary election that a Non Christian has won. That is historical.


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