Reporting San Diego will not Cover Comic-Con


Feb 12, 2016 (San Diego) We just got news from San Diego Comicon that press passes were denied. We provided them all they requested and included copies of the City of San Diego issued press credentials. Yes, we are press.

We know people enjoy the coverage, but we are not going to pay to cover news and give Comicon essentially free advertisement. If you value the coverage, maybe customers can contact Comicon on behalf of the paper.

Nadin Abbott


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6 replies

  1. ?! Has any of your past coverage been negative?

    • Nope. But there are rumors on the internet that they want to keep local area folks out. No sin off my nose. I get to stay home, unless there is a major story around it. And that might not be positive either.

  2. No one cares about comicon anymore. Its not that cool

    • well, I like the things that the con does that have not one thing to do with Game of Thrones, which was always our angle, and never that well known. For example, the history convention that went on the side, or the writing convention.

  3. Bummer. Why don’t you go cover the San Diego Comic Fest this weekend at the Town & Country? Ask for Larry Zinter on media and tell him I recommended you, in fact you can cover for us both if you want; he offered us a press pass but I didn’t have anyone to go.

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