Governor Chris Christie Endorses Trump


Feb 26, 2016 (San Diego) New Jersey Governor Chris Chritie endorses Donald Trump in Texas. “The only choice was Donald Trump.” He spoke with Trump yesterday morning, and that is when the decision was made. This is on a national security platform. Chrsitie also cherishes loyalty and tTrump is a friend.

He also said that he will “challenge the DC establishment.” He intends to continue to be a resource for him. He is the best choice in November for the country.

Trump also said that the taxes will not be released until the audits by the IRS is finished and said that gets audited every year. He also disavowed the endorsement of David Duke who is a former grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. Trump said that he was not aware of it.

Trump added that people are angry about what is happening in the United States, in regard to jobs and other aspects. “The good jobs are leaving our country.” He gave the example of Pfizer leaving for Ireland (that is due to taxes).

Christie also brought up the server issue when challenged by a reporter over the bridge issue. He said that Hillary Clinton put national security at stake. Those servers continue to be an issue that continues to dog the democratic front runner. Christie also said that he wants to “get rid of those Washington DC acts.” He added that the only person who turn the place around is Trump.

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