Republicans Going for a Third Party Run and BLM


Feb 27, 2016 (San Diego) There were two developments overnight that potentially could change the dynamic of the race. According to Politico, GOP donors are exploring a third party run.They report as follows:

Conservative donors have engaged a major GOP consulting firm in Florida to research the feasibility of mounting a late, independent run for president amid growing fears that Donald Trump could win the Republican nomination.

A memo prepared for the group zeroes in on ballot access as a looming obstacle for any independent candidate, along with actually identifying a viable, widely known contender and coalescing financial support for that person. The two states with the earliest deadlines for independent candidates, Texas and North Carolina, also have some of the highest hurdles for independents to get on the ballot, according to the research.

This potentially, with the also threatened run from former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, will change radically the dynamics of this race. Potentially we could have four people vying for the presidency of the United States. This is also potentially the beginnings of a new conservative party in the United States, as one significant wing of the GOP coalition feels left out.

This will give the White House to whoever the Democrats run, short term The GOP did not do well in 1852 either, we should note. They were formed that year, when the Whig party finally collapsed. They ran some candidates, and did not do well. Now think about this for a minute. This faction of the GOP believes a Donald J Trump presidency is so dangerous to their interests, we are willing to bet this is the business faction, they are willing to give the White House to either a Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

They are willing to give the White House to somebody that they literally hate. Or give the White House to a socialist, and deal with a potential New Deal II later. This is what they are doing and if they run a woman, let’s say Nicky Haley for a second, they will bleed many of the Clinton voters who are only voting on gender. And from polls, some are. The AP reports that is about 12 percent of voters for whom gender matters that much. But that will not be enough, I expect their sacrificial lamb, er candidate, to be a woman.

Black Lives Matter…

Here is the second development, Overnight the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that two young women were removed from a Clinton rally for having Black Lives Matter messaging on a sign. This is less than a week from Ashley Williams holding her protest at the fundraiser in Charlotte.

The AJC did state that the young women claimed they were kicked out. The young women also identified the police officers as part of the Atlanta A.P.E.X. You might wonder who they are. So did we. From the Atlanta PD website.


The mission of the Atlanta Proactive Enforcement Interdiction (A.P.E.X.) Unit is to identify violent crime patterns utilizing analytical data. To deploy and prevent violent crime and arrest the most violent criminals who are involved in this behavior.

Atlanta Police Department
A.P.E.X. Unit
226 Peachtree St SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Office: 404-546-6922

What we can see is a message, a clear message being sent. It is not spoken, does not need to be spoken. The unit involved for security at the rally is used to arrest the most violent criminals. Outside of Atlanta this might not register, but it has with the people at the rally.

We are also seeing a pattern emerging where the Clinton campaign will say one ting, but not truly engage with the issues that are important to at least this subset of millennial African Americans. We are not going to make the mistake to say that as a group, they all think the same. They don’t. How much they can influence their peers and elders will be tested, and we suspect fairly soon. Not this week. (Though we will be looking for signs), but in coming weeks.

The video released by Ashley Williams, combined with the Boston video, and now this alleged kick out, does make for a pattern of behavior.




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