Are We Starting to See Changing Momentum?


March 6, 2016 (San Diego) Well the weekend saw several states vote in Primary Debates and Caucuses. The last one for the Democrats was the State of Maine, which saw historic turnout. We are following the delegate counts, so here they are.

The first column is super delegates, which we will continue to ignore until the Convention.  The second is Secretary Hillary Clinton, the third is Senator Bernie Sanders (VT-I).


LA March 5 51 (8) 35 12
NE March 5 25 (5) 10 14
KS March 5 33 (4) 10 23
ME March 6 25 (5) 6 14

So we did the math, by the way this is from Real Clear Politics. This is just from the weekend and not the total of delegates. Clinton is still leading by over 200. But this weekend we saw Sanders actually lead in delegate count at the end of the weekend,

Clinton took 61 delegates this weekend.

Sanders took 63. That is a net win of 2.

Sanders still needs to have a convincing victory in a large state. So far his victories have been in small states. This is the first time that he actually leads in the delegate count at the end of a few elections. So this is important. It might be a quirk this season. It might be the beginning of a trend. We do not have enough information on this, but he was not expected to do this either. So is he starting to over perform? Are we starting to see a change in momentum?

Time will tell, but it did strike us as curious. It is also the kind of things that major media has not mentioned. In fact, major media did not cover at all the Maine caucuses today. This was noted by people posting on Twitter. Here are some examples.


Will ANYONE tell Bernie that he just WON THE MAINE CAUCUS?!!! CNN?


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