Lorena Gonzalez Named Chair of Assembly Appropriations Committee


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March 11, 2016 (SACRAMENTO) Lorena Gonzalez (D-AD80) was appointed chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee in the Assembly. This committee has one of the largest workloads in the assembly, since they review any bill that might have a fiscal effect in California.

The committee seeks to review all bills that will lead to sound, responsible, affordable fiscal policy. Gonzalez is also the first Latina to ever be appointed chair of this committee.

Gonzalez wrote in a press release  “I am humbled that Speaker Rendon has entrusted me with such an important role. While my position may change, my focus will not. I plan to continue to wake up every day and seek out ways to better the lives of California’s working and middle class families.”


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  1. Request you rescue and pass Hannah-Beth Jackson’s bill re Coastal Commission conducting all business in the open, not in private. The ex parte process has been corrupted. Send the bill to Gov. Brown requesting his passage of same.

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