The DNC has Called the National Media for Counting Super Delegetes


March 11, 2016 (San Diego) We have not counted the super delegaes since they have not been counted in the past. Nor should they be counted for the current cycle. Well, even the Democratic National Committee agrees with us. It is kind of curious to find one self, doing the right thing as a very small medial outlet, while CNN, MSNBC and other outlets are still doing the wrong thing.

You can go watch Debbie Wassermann Shultz (D-FL)  speak about this at the Huffington Post blog. 

This is the significant piece of this, and we would like you to note the date:

“The way the media is reporting this is incorrect,” Wasserman Schultz told Rachel Maddow of MSNBC on February 20th. “There are not pledged delegates — or ‘super-delegates’ — earned at any of these caucus contests.”

She went on to note that super-delegates are “free to decide [who to vote for] anytime up until July,” and can change their mind at any time — one reason they can’t be reported as being conclusively attached to any particular candidate. “So combining them [the voted-on or ‘earned’ delegates and the super-delegates] at each phase of this contest is not an accurate picture of how this works,” she said.

We will continue to not count them. Now it seems, we are doing this the right way. We explained this a few times already. So it is nice to see Shultz confirm that we are doing this the right way.



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