Trump: The Rise of Self Defense Militias?



March 14, 2016 (San Diego) The Trump movement just took another ominous step. The events in Chicago, including the cancellation of the rally by Donald J Trump, came with violence. No, the police did not cancel it due to security concerns. In a normal political environment the violence would draw people away from the movement. Instead Trumpism continues to gather force.

According to the Washington Post: “But now we know. Trump can say or do pretty much anything, and he won’t pay a political price. He can literally joke about murdering his supporters, and his supporters won’t go anywhere. And, it seems, he can tacitly endorse violence against protesters at his rallies, and hardly anyone even blinks.”

We knew this, without the survey from a university, becuase the movement is going down a very clear path that has been used by demagogues and strong men in the past. What Trump is exhibiting is a classic fascist tendency, where he is using violence and creating the other to propel him to office.


Followers are now taking the next logical step. The twitter account was immediately disabled, but it seems they are about to form a civilian force, a militia, to protect the rallies from “far left agitators.” According to RT this account gathered over 500 followers before being disabled. This is the end result of years, even decades of propaganda. But it is also the next logical step towards either black or brown shirts.

This will destroy the Republican party, and this year might very well be the last nominating convention. If Trump does well, this last nominating convention will be the logical end to a party that has embraced racist dog whistles for decades. Out of the ashes, this will not be the Party of Lincoln, but a far right wing, nationalist party, with fascistic tendencies. This is now the party of Trump. He might continue to use the name, but for all intents and purposes that party is dead. All we have is what is essentially a neo-fascist movement that echoes not just the concerns and fears of the 1930s, but also of modern- day European far right parties.

Among these parties are the French National Front, and the British UKIP. Angela Merkel in Germany just lost state elections to a hard right nationalist party running on a similar agenda of keeping immigrants out. Both are running nativists, anti immigrant, almost white power, kind of campaigns. Trumpism has too many elements of White Power ideology, including the superiority of the white race. and otherizing minorities. He is also running on a strong man, strong nation, nationalist ideology that is already worrying other nation states. If Trump should prevail at the polls, we are in for very serious and scary times. Especially for minority populations in the United States.



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  1. That Twitter account is inactive.


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