Sanders Wins Wyoming, Cruz Wins Colorado

April 10, 2016 (San Diego) Both Senators Bernie Sanders (VT-I) and Ted Cruz (TX-R) continued their winning streaks. For Sanders this is the seventh, out of the last eight elections or caucuses that he was won. That said, due to Wyoming Democratic Party rules, the delegates were split 7-7. Essentially this changed little on the way to New York, except that it maintains that momentum. The distance between the two remains at 216 delegates. We are not counting super delegates. They can change all the way to the Convention floor.

Current numbers are: Hillary Clinton 1310

Sanders: 1094

At this point it is increasingly clear that neither Democratic candidate will secure the necessary pledged delegates without the super delegates. There is an increasing chance of a floor fight in Philadelphia.

Cruz has won the last 4 contests, and made it even more difficult for Donald J Trump to secure the pledged delegates needed to win on the first ballot at the Republican Party Convention. Procedurally this has all but ensured a brokered convention.

Current numbers for Republicans

Donald Trump: 757

Cruz: 532

John Kasich: 144

Net difference between Trump and Cruz is 225 delegates.

Cruz will be in San Diego at the Town and Country on Monday for a rally at six in the afternoon.


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