2000 San Diegans Attend Cruz Rally


April 12, 2015 (San Diego) 2000 San Diegans came to the Town and Country in Fashion Valley to listen to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is running for the Republican nomination. Before the event Reporting San Diego spoke with a few supporters, or not so ardent supporters. The first one asked us not to use his name. Partly becuase he was there to see Cruz, since he is not that ardent of a supporter, but his wife is.

Our talk ranged the spectrum of the campaign, not just Senator Cruz. We talked about Donald J Trump, and according to him, “there is a point of no return, I think he’s already got there.” He believed that Trump was not a good candidate and was just full of bluster.

He added that “the only one who is for him right now is Hillary Clinton. She wants him to win so she can take him apart when they get into the debates.” He also said that “anyone else gets in there, is going to throw her off.”

As far as Cruz is concerned, he said his wife likes him becuase he is “a so-called Christian,” however in his view, “he does not do well with Congress, they don’t like him.”


We also talked with Pat from Fallbrook, who told Reporting San Diego that she liked Marco Rubio and was very impressed with former Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal. She is originally from Iowa and saw him in Iowa this year. She was impressed that he looked people in the eye in a question and answer with voters. That tells you a lot about the people running.

She also said “I am so sad we live in California and we don’t get to see the candidates.” This year though is different. This year both parties will decide their primaries in California. The year the primary matters.

She was clear, she will vote for anybody but Trump.


Mario and Juan M Bibriesca M.D

Finally Reporting San Diego talked with Mario Bribesca. He was a former officer with Border Protection and had a plan to present to the Senator on how to eliminate illegal immigration. He also said that no politician on either party wanted to fix this. The plan is simple and elegant at the same time. This is two pronged attack. The first has to do with people who want to enter the country illegally. Many of them do die in the desert.

This part of the plan involves having visa applications in consulates and embassies abroad. This would allow people to apply in their home countries, and not have to take the risk. He also wants to deal with visa overstays. In this case it takes $12,500 to deport an illegal person. What he proposes is making sure that those who come to the US with a visa, promise to pay the cost if they overstay. These are the latest figures reported.

Mario managed to place that proposal in the hands of the Senator after the speech. We also briefly spoke with his cousin, running for CA State Senate District 39, who is challenging Toni Atkins for the same seat. He is a retired medical doctor, and a Hispanic, who is running on a traditional values platform.

The Main Event

After the usual Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem the event got under way, with John Nehring, Chairman of the California for Ted Cruz campaign, serving as Master of Ceremonies. He started by getting the crowd fired up, and also read a list of endorsements at the county level. Among them was San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, who introduced Senator Cruz.

In the introduction Goldsmith said, “this is what happens when a presidential campaign comes to San Diego.” He also quipped that at one time “I drove a taxi cab in New York, and guess what, I am supporting Ted Cruz. New York, do the right thing!” (The New York primary will be on April 19.)

He also commented on what Cruz’s platform is about. Jobs, Freedom, Security. He did state “look at every one around you, we stand for something. We are not supporters of Ted Cruz because it is politically correct, we don’t do that. We do it because we share core values.” Jobs mean an opportunity to every individual.


Goldsmith added that Cruz supporters believe in freedom for everyone. “Whether it be the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, or any other amendment.” He added that all lives matter. This goes all the way to President Abraham Lincoln, who was the first Republican president and freed the slaves.

When he intrigued Senator Cruz, as the next President of the United States, the 2000 people in the hall went wild. Here is the full speech so you can listen to it at your leisure:

  •   Cruz is proposing a flat tax, and the abolition of the IRS.
  •   He is pledging to increase the size of the military and to bankrupt them, not unlike what President Ronald Reagan did at the end of the Cold War.
  •  Cruz is also pleading to solve the issue of illegal immigration, and when somebody screwed from the public, what about a wall with Mexico, he pledged he is going to build it.
  •   The end of the Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory bodies.
  •   The return of real conservative values to the White House.When talking about his opponents, he reminded people that he has won the last primaries. this is important since he also told the audience that he was the only candidate that could defeat both Trump and Hillary Clinton. He also quipped that Clinton would loose and never again have to worry about email servers. He also said that she was a socialist and a danger to the country.



After the event Cruz signed copies of his book A time for Truth: Reigniting the Promise of America. He also signed signs. On the way out the GOP had tables set up for people to register to vote. The Republican primary is a closed primary. and the last day to register is May 23. You can register online here. If you want to vote regardless of what party, you need to as soon as possible.



During the Cruz speech we could hear the protesters outside. It was muffled by the wall and the door. While Cruz quipped that this was a Sanders rally, Reporting San Diego asked on the way out. We found out that the people walking outside the doors were Trump supporters. There were maybe a few Sanders supporters, protesting, as well as a few Hillary Clinton supporters, more like one. We also learned that Trump supporters were outside as well, in far larger numbers. Overall it remained peaceful.

The Trump people had a good reason to be there. According to one the general meeting of the party is on the second Monday of every month at the same location. You are supposed to sign up and many did over three weeks ago. The Cruz rally took over the hall at the last minute. So they came and protested what in the view of at least one was the endorsement of the San Diego Republican party, if not openly, of Ted Cruz.

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