State of the Presidential Race After New York

April 21, 2016 (San Diego) Donald J Trump not only got all state level delegates in New York since he got over 51 percent of the vote. He also swept all congressional districts where delegates were assigned. This incidentally is how the Republican primary also works in California.

So at this moment Trump has 847 of the Pledged Delegates, which gets him much closer to the total needed to avoid a second vote. That number is 1237. He might get them, but not very likely. IF he gets within a hundred delegates though, there is talk that he might avoid a second vote. So perhaps after all, Trump will be the Republican nominee.


On the democratic side, Secretary Hillary Clinton, but the system is proportional, So both candidates got pledged delegates. She stands at 1446 of pledged delegates and Senator Bernie Sanders stands at 1205. His path narrowed considerably as she now leads him by 241 pledged delegates. This is still going to go all the way to the California primary on June 7. The state will count, for a change. The last time the state mattered in the nominating was 1992.

Sanders went back home to Burlington, Vermont, to rest and recharge after the New York results, but the intention is still to take this to the Convention. Clinton started to offer some olive branches to Sanders supporters.

We expect Clinton to start acting like this is now the general election. The same goes for Trump who already said that Cruz was mathematically eliminated.



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