SD350 is Organizing Break Free LA to Support 100 Percent Clean Energy for the City

Break Free LA

By Monica Prado

Images: Break Free 2016 – Mona Caron


Apr 25, 2016 (San Diego) – Three weeks from today, three chartered buses from San Diego will be heading up to Los Angeles taking participants to join BREAK FREE from FOSSIL FUELS, a global mass mobilization to support a rapid transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The rally will take place on Saturday, May 14 and SanDiego350 is part of the coalition organizing the event. According to Masada Disenhouse, SanDiego350 – Climate Change Action co-founder, “San Diegans know that we need rapid and bold action to prevent the worst impacts of climate change and address climate injustice, and they’re excited to step up their efforts and join with thousands of Californians to make sure our voices are heard”.


San Diegans will join other participants coming from all over California. Along with Los Angeles, there will be events in Albany (NY), Anacortes (WA), and Denver (CO). On Sunday May 15, people will be marching in Washington (DC) and Chicago (IL). During the two first weeks of May, several events will take place in different countries from Australia to Europe, according to


In addition to Break Free from Fossil Fuels Los Angeles, SanDiego350 is promoting a petition on clean energy through Community Choice Energy (CCE). During the Earth Fair this year, 387 people digitally signed the petition for 100% clean energy and transit, which states, “I support transitioning rapidly to 100% clean energy via community choice energy and providing affordable, accessible transit and active transportation options”.


“For San Diego to reach 100% clean energy, as mandated in our ground-breaking Climate Action Plan, we need local control over our own energy choices”, says Masada Disenhouse, explaining why it is important for San Diego to establish a Community Choice program. “SDG&E and the other utilities have put obstacle up to block rooftop solar, while counties which have initiated CCE programs are saving money and benefiting from cleaner air and local green jobs”, highlights SD350 co-founder. Traveling the same path as SanDiego350 is Sierra Club My Generation’s campaign. The campaign is promoting house party meetings in neighborhoods as an opportunity to engage residents in the process of establishing a CCE program in San Diego.


San Diegans wanting to participate in the Break Free rally in Los Angeles on May 14 can purchase a bus ticket at

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