“Kingdom Con” Underway: Vendors Room

April 28, 2016 (San Diego) Kingdon Con 2016 is now open for business. If you are a gamer and you attend the convention, that goes though Sunday, you will be able to get some stuff. There are two local vendors at the Convention. These are At Ease Games, and Table War\Fat Mats. At Ease Games sells a variety of role playing games such as Advanced Dungeon and Dragons, as well as miniature games such as Warhammer 40K.
The third local company is GameMatz out of Chula Vista. You can see one of their mats in use in a game of Age of Sigmar 

Table War sells miniature cases, and their partners “Fat Mats” sell wargaming table mats, that will serve to set the mood for your miniatures games.

Among other vendors are Broken Egg Games who sell game tokens and terrain for miniatures wargaming. Technic Craft Studios sells a series of bases and tokens made from hard plastic and mat board that are laser cut. These can be painted easily and lead to pleasing results.

Happy Sepukku sells rubber seals, that can be used to stamp etching into green stuff, applied to a base, which lead to a base that has different terrain features, once it cures. Among other designs are bogs, cement, jungle plants and the exclusive for the convention, a spider design.

The Broken Token sells boxes specifically designed for different board games. They take the place of the box that came with the game, leading to better protection of all gaming pieces. Gamergy is an energy drink, which is appropriate since gamers seem to always need that.

War Gamma sells miniatures, terrain and bases, in 28 mm scale, that you can paint. Then there is Table Ready Terrain, that sells ready to play terrain, from small hills, to houses and roads in 28 mm scale. And finally Battlefoam, one large national company did show up to the show, with a series of bags and M.O.L.L.E bags, as well as attachments.


Both teh role playing events and the Warmachine events started this afternoon. There are already some pretty impressive miniatures hitting San Diego gaming tables. It runs through Sunday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fashion Valley. 


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